Writer’s Digest Annual Conference – Pitch Slam

As I mentioned in my last, long ago post, I will be attending the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference this August in New York. I’ve never been to a writing conference before and I’m pretty excited. It’s still a few months away, but there is quite a bit of preparation involved and I’m making some progress on that. Aside from the many sessional offerings, I’m also doing the pitch slam, which is both an exciting and deeply terrifying notion. Since I have no experience in this regard, I read some blogs by people who have attended writing conferences with pitch slams to get some idea of what to expect. Some were very encouraging and some read like the stuff of nightmares. One thing they did agree on is that I’ll need a pitch and I’ll need to know what agents I want to pitch to.

The Pitch. Short, sweet and well rehearsed seems to be the consensus there. I don’t have a pitch, per se, but I have a few similar notions from various attempts at query letters and such that I can get started with. I’ve been reading a lot of articles about creating a pitch and made a lot of notes, so that’s something I’ll be working on for the next little while. Last year my closest writing pal passed away unexpectedly, so I guess my dogs will be judging my delivery. I figure the German shepherd will be the most critical.


Nuka: Your book SUCKS!


Know what agents you want to pitch to. Here’s where a lot of the blogs I read took on a frightening tone – long lines, lots of agents not at every pitch session, mean agents, tired agents, horrible ghoul type agents sent from hell to destroy your soul, basically the pitch slam sounds like a land of chaos, where nothing makes sense and everyone is confused. Maybe this is accurate, maybe not, I won’t know until I get there. I figure the best I can do is be prepared and just think of it as an adventure. My own brain and its horrible, horrible thoughts are what screw me around more than anything else, so I’ll just be as prepared as I can and see what happens.

Writer’s Digest has a list of the agents attending, so I made a list of agents that represent my genre. Now I’ll research them all further and rank them in order of who I’d like to pitch to most to least. Once I’m at the pitch slam I can use that based on what agents are there and how long their lines are. Seems like a reasonable approach to me, I guess I’ll find out!


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