The Depth of His Avarice was Spectacular

I heard two words recently that I haven’t heard in a long time. There’s nothing really extraordinary about that, but I heard both of them several times from different sources which struck me as a little odd. So I’m taking a hint from the universe and giving these overlooked words a moment in the sun.

Forgotten Word #1  Spectacular

adjective – unusual to a striking degree – noun – an elaborate show or display, also, spectacularly.*

Now I’m going to try to work this word into my regular vocabulary. How about something like, “Wow, the fact that the temperature is above zero is really great. I don’t know what that weird yellowy orange ball in the sky is because I haven’t seen it for so long, but the heat from it is spectacular.”

See how easy that is?

Forgotten Word #2 Avarice

greedy, too great a desire to have wealth; greed for riches.*

Okay this one is a little harder. “When I was young I was full of avarice, but now I know there are much more important things in life than money.” Bam! I love this game.

Everyone has a limited vocabulary, no matter how extensive and most people use the same few words over and over again (use the ‘find’ feature in Word if you don’t believe me, it’s really sad) so it’s hard to remember just how many words are out there for your free use and enjoyment. I don’t think you’re ever lost for words, but you might not have found the right one yet.

*Both definitions for these great words were taken from Webster’s New World Dictionary. The actual physical book one that weights twenty pounds. I got a little excited using it, truth be told. Screw you, internet!

Remember this bad boy?

Remember this bad boy?


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