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I wrote a pretty good blog post that I just somehow lost. Here is the not-as-good replacement, enjoy!

So I finished my book, and by finished I mean finished the steps I had laid out for myself to do all I could for this manuscript. Now of course I am panicking and finding many new things that I could do to this manuscript, but for now it is done. It took about five years. It is now, first to my excitement, now to my horror, in the hands of five beta readers.

This is it, five years of my life.

This is it, five years of my life.

This is not the first novel I have written, it’s the fourth, this is just the first one I actually thought was any good when it was done. It’s just under a hundred and fifty thousand words and will probably be classified as science fiction, fantasy. It has pretty much occupied my every waking thought in one way or another for the last five years. Right from the first scene, which I wrote oh so long ago, I felt that this was the one I would publish.

Nothing about this process has been easy, though it has been deeply satisfying. I’ve been frustrated, fed up, discouraged, elated, angry and confused along this journey and I know it won’t get any easier. I am very excited and very nervous about what my beta readers will have to say. So far my book has only had one audience, me. I am equally elated and horrified that it now boasts an audience of five.

Barring any truly horrible reviews, my next step is to start sending this project out to agents and publishers. I’m as prepared for this horror as one can possibly be, I think, and I’ve been amassing lists of those whom I see as likely subjects (victims?) for years. I will also be purchasing some new Writer’s Market guides, something I used to do religiously every year, but slacked off on since all I was doing was writing this damn book. There is one thing I have learned over the last five years that I would like to share and I can’t think of a really poignant and elegant way of saying it, so I’m just going to lay it out.

Doubt and fear are your enemy. Know they are there, respect the power they have because they will dog you and lay scourge to you relentlessly. Ignoring them leads to mediocrity. You will never vanquish them, but you can fight them, slay them again and again with purposeful action. Acknowledge these two demons that lurk in the dark bushes of your life and face them every single chance that you get. Put them down over and over and over again. They will never go away, but you can shift the balance of power and I have come to believe that the quality of the life that you lead is directly related to being able to do exactly that.

I have also updated my bio, so if you have a minute please check it out and let me know what you think.


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