Lumbering Foolishly Along

dreamsIt’s well established in writing circles that trying to be a writer isn’t a very smart pursuit from a practical standpoint. My husband works in the music industry, another business not for the faint of heart. Maybe we’re stupid, maybe we’re brave, but we have dreams and we follow them and remarkably enough, make progress. We see absolutely no reason we can’t achieve our goals in these fields, and in fact have already achieved a great number of them.

We recently moved to a new neighbourhood, (hence the obscene length of time between blog posts, moving is not for the faint of heart either) and over the last few weeks we’ve been exploring our new place in the city, including the stores that are close. We wandered into one of these yesterday, a pet store, since we have three dogs and a mouse and buy a lot of pet products. It had a good sign, a very convenient location, and a small but high-quality inventory. We ended up talking with the owner for well over an hour.

True dreamers, those that not only dream big, but then follow it through with passionate action are hard to come by, but we stumbled across one in the proprietor of this establishment. A kindred spirit if you will, someone with the outrageous tenacity to throw off the clanking shackles of good sense and reason and follow a dream. Inspired by his late pet dog to open a pet store that offered only the highest quality food and treat products available and alternatives to chemical products for common dog issues, this guy knew his stuff.  He has made it his mission to convince pet owners that spending a little more on the products you feed your dog and treat your dog with will not just provide your pet with a longer, healthier life, but save you money on vet costs.

I am already a convert to this philosophy, after losing a lab mix to the ravages of cancer, so I am an easy sell, though many are not. Inspired by the many health issues experienced by his late dog, Jake, this guy personally researches every product he carries and doesn’t carry anything that isn’t safe and good for your pet, which takes out the guess-work. In doing so, he is following a dream, and slowly making a go of it.

We talked for a long time, not just about pets, but what it takes and how hard it is to jump in, to throw everything you have in a deep dark pit and dive of the cliff, naysayers and doomsayers screeching all the while. He has been at it for a few years and he is making a go of it, not easily, but he was recently able to hire part time help for the first time and get a day off once in a while. He has no regrets.

I came out inspired.  I don’t meet many people like this, people like us and it’s encouraging to find one once in a while. These people don’t scoff when you tell them your outrageous plans, they smile and ask questions, they offer advice and help. I didn’t think to get his name, and even more foolishly, didn’t offer writing services. It’s close though, so I’ll be back and my dogs loved the treats we bought them there and I’m pretty pumped about a locally made all natural ear wash I got for the beagle whose ears are in a constant state of yuck. If you live in or around London, Ontario, Canada, check out Jake’s Pet Shop. The have a local delivery program, only sell things that don’t contain known carcinogens or anything else horrible very commonly, frighteningly commonly, found in many commercial pet products and carry items for dogs, cats and small animals. They also have a website,, and have free shipping over $70 to Canada and the US.

Dare to dream.


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I work at the library and write stuff because books are cool. I like dogs.

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