All Sides of 2013

English: Two New Year's Resolutions postcards

English: Two New Year’s Resolutions postcards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2013 was a good year overall, good in that nothing terrible happened, good in that I got to see Dave Gahan, (better known as the voice of Depeche Mode) my one and only celebrity crush, live at the Molson Amphitheatre, good in that I’m still here kicking, living to write and fight another day.  I made three New Year’s resolutions last year, let’s see how those panned out.

Number 3: Banish doubt, be courageous. I made this resolution because I’m trying not to let fear and doubt keep me from doing things.  It’s a vague resolution though and hard to gauge the success of.  I can’t think of anything I specifically wanted to do this year that fear or doubt kept me from accomplishing though, so will say it was a good one to keep in mind.

Number 2: Cultivate patience. I did not even a little manage to try to attempt to fulfil this one.  If anything, I am more impatient now then I have ever been.  Abject failure.

Number 1: Finish editing manuscript and start submitting for publication. On the surface, this is another failure, but this was a big one and I think it deserves a little more scrutiny. Technically I did not finish editing my manuscript and start submitting it for publication, however, I did finish editing 37 out of 43 chapters, which is no small potatoes, thank you very much.  Secondly, for the bulk of the year, except the last month or so, I was able to make that manuscript my first priority.  For a first class procrastinator such as myself, that is a pretty big deal.  I actually worked on it, on a schedule that I stuck to, December notwithstanding.  Even though I didn’t quite get it done, I’m still pretty proud of myself, so there.

So, how does 2014 look?  Probably pretty damn similar to 2013, if you want to know the truth, though the universe is a crazy insane ninja, so one never really knows for sure.  Let’s take a look.

Number 3: Clean out and organize my storage room.  I am giving myself a year to do this, a full year.  It can be done and if I ever plan to move, it needs to be.

Number 2: Stop whining and complaining. You have no real problems. If you would like to receive a real problem, the universe will be happy to provide you with something more substantial than a white whine.  Don’t test it, just don’t.

Number 1: Finish editing manuscript and start submitting for publication.  Look familiar?  I’m almost there.  With only six chapters to go, I hope to knock this puppy off early.  I have about a hundred short stories lying around dying to be submitted for rejection from various magazines.

No one seemed to appreciate my anti-December rant, so I guess I’ll keep my thoughts about New Year’s to myself.  Happy New Year, everyone!  There is nothing like a fresh start and another chance to do a better job. Hope springs eternal, as they say, and I for one, am very grateful that it does.


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  1. In reference to number 3. Check out You may find some inspirational information there to help.

  2. I will, thank you so much! I need all of the help I can get.

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