The Lost Month of December

Folk tale depiction of Father Christmas riding...

Hey Santa, why don’t you ride that goat right back to the North Pole? That would be great.

A little while ago I had an interesting conversation with my husband about how useless we become in December.  Both of us are ordinarily whirlwinds of productivity, or at least action, regarding our jobs, our artistic pursuits and even just around the house.  We never stop, rarely take a day completely off from everything and constantly strive to get more and more done in our lives, things that we care about and want to achieve.  We both experience a great deal of guilt when we are not accomplishing something.  I’m sure a psychologist would have a field day with it, actually, but we’re happy.  Busy and productive, happy, living lives we want to live and doing things that are important to us.

Then December comes.

This is not a new phenomenon for me, but I believe it’s the first time it has been pointed out and I’m kind of relieved that at least Jeremy experiences this as well.  As the days tick by in December, less and less seems to happen.  That’s not true, of course, more is happening, but it’s Christmas stuff.  It starts slow, running to a store or two, taking a morning to fill out Christmas cards, an afternoon to shop.  Soon it’s a day to bake and then a weekend to clean.  Then parties, then outings, then visits, then more visits. What is happening?  Where is my life going?  Why is it slowly being consumed by this horrible, insidious ‘holiday’?

I have made my opinions about Christmas pretty clear in the past, so I’ll try not to get too funky with it here, but I am smack in the middle of my own personal December shutdown at the moment and it’s driving me crazy.  Go away, Christmas!  It’s not like everything else in my life just stops because you are approaching, you huge mass of consumer-ridden madness, but what am I saying, yes, it does!  Everything else in my life DOES stop!  Whether it should or not, it does and I am trapped in it.  I am six chapters away from finishing editing my manuscript.  I started the month strong, still going along, making good progress but now I am ashamed to say I have ground to a halt.  I managed to find a few hours of time to work on it today, but I can’t, I have nothing in the tank, just visions of presents and turkeys and cookies and families dancing through my head.

First I tried to resist, to fight.  No, I will not go down, I will not be mowed over by Santa and his sleigh, I will press forward, onward and upward, I will keep editing my manuscript right through Christmas, so there. I will find time, I will make time.  I will not let December kick me off of my path, go to hell, Christmas!  I have a book to finish. This was my noble and valiant position.

In four hours, I think I changed about three words.  All I can think of is all of the Christmas crap I still have to do.

I left some time for editing again tomorrow morning, and I will try again.  Even staring defeat right in its beady little eyes is not enough to keep me from trying.  That said, I know I will probably fail, making this week another productivity nightmare. Next week is a hopeless case, what with Christmas itself coming to suck the oxygen out of my lungs.  Maybe I should just give in.  Maybe next year when December rolls in all innocent and jolly to crush me with its tidings, I should just shut everything down, lock my office door for a month and give in. Surely, that would be easier, surely that would be less stressful, maybe I would even enjoy Christmas a little more if I just gave in and let the peace and joy of the season take me away.

Fat chance, Christmas!  I’ll keep fighting the good fight.  Here’s to a more productive new year!


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I work at the library and write stuff because books are cool. I like dogs.

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