Do You Feel Lucky?

"7 Gods of Luck" woodcut

“7 Gods of Luck” woodcut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ah luck, that elusive, mystical, maligned and coveted force, existence status questionable.  Friday the thirteenth just passed, a day I have mostly viewed as largely like every other day, or at least that is the story that I tell myself.  Oddly enough, however, something kind of crappy did occur in my life yesterday.  Nothing catastrophic, more of a nuisance.  The event itself is inconsequential, but it did get me thinking about luck in general, or the lack thereof.

I have never considered myself a lucky person.  Good things do not happen to me out of the blue and for no reason, they never have and I suspect never will.  I never win anything by chance and I never get anything without working very, very hard for it.  All of that is fine, because I don’t consider myself an unlucky person either.  Overall my life is pretty easy in the grand scheme of things.  That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of work to do and stress to be had, because there certainly is, but in the population of the world, I know very well that I am in the top cushiest percentage.  I live in a free and democratic country, I have never in my life experienced war, famine or even real fear.  I am gainfully employed in a job I like, have many active and fulfilling outside interests, live in a decent little house with a good husband.  I have always considered myself a no-luck person, not lucky or unlucky, just no luck at all.  I weave a boring course between the miraculous fortune of the lucky and the dramatic discourse of the bad luck plagued, I am in the middle.

The more I thought about it today, spurred on by this small and annoying problem that happened to occur on Friday the thirteenth, the more I realized that really, I don’t have any large, serious problems at all.  My problems, my stresses, my great worries, are almost all of the ‘will this matter in one year?  Will this matter in five years?’ variety.  I have cursed my lack of luck in the past.  Why can’t something awesome just happen to me for no reason once in a while?  Why can’t I get good news out of the blue?  Why can’t I just catch that coveted lucky break?

I don’t know why and I probably never will.  One thing I will do though is stop asking myself those questions.  If it is my path in life to run into any number of obnoxious, little grating problems that are almost constant and poorly timed in lieu of huge catastrophies, health problems and financial meltdowns, then I will take it.  Not only will I try to accept this boring middle ground, I will consider myself what I always have been and just never really saw, very, very lucky.


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  1. I also think sometimes it’s how we look at things. It sounds like you are on the right path of gratitude. I’ll never forget some of the people I met at a soup kitchen who typically would respond to a How are you?” with, “I’m blessed.”

    I used to think I was lucky, then unlucky. Now I have a similar attitude to yours. I just try to be grateful.

  2. I agree it is how we look at things, I guess that’s what I’m trying to shift in myself a little bit. Instead of looking at everything that happens in such a narrow way, I’m trying to see things in the grander scheme of my own life, and even in the world at large. When I did that I found my problems are embarrassingly small. Deep down I am very grateful, but I lose sight of that gratitude too easily, I’m trying to get better at accepting things as the come and for what they are, good, bad, pointless, annoying, and still be grateful, because I should be. Your comment about the soup kitchen is exactly what I was thinking about the other day, how do my problems really stack up against the backdrop of the world? The answer was pretty sobering.

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