Shock Stock Three, I Think

Yesterday I went to Shock Stock with my husband and some friends. The official tagline for this festival is “Subculture weekend celebration and VHS tape swap.” I don’t know too much about any of that, but they have some pretty cool stuff there, stuff I’ve never seen anywhere else and a lot of people I know and like attend. I’m not too sure what that says about me, but it doesn’t really matter.

I like scary movies, especially old ones.  Creepy silent movies, or old monster movies like Creature from the Black Lagoon, King Kong and Invasion of the Body Snatchers type of thing.  We went to the convention hall in the late afternoon and it was pretty busy.  There was a lot that focused on gore, which doesn’t interest me, but lots of other things as well.  Memorabilia, clothing, tonnes of movies on every format imaginable and even movie producers and actors you could talk too.  We had a lot of fun wandering the booths, looking at cheesy B movies and pretty creepy movie props and saw an inordinate amount of people we know – like attracts like, I guess.

I wasn’t able to attend last year because of a timing miscommunication, but Jeremy brought me back a pretty cool Phantom of the Opera poster, I’m talking original, Lon Chaney Phantom of the Opera.


This is what piqued my interest, so as I perused the wares, I kept my eyes open for the movie poster guy, as Jeremy so helpfully labelled him.  I found said movie poster guy all tucked away in a corner.  He had everything.  When I expressed an interest in old horror movies, he beckoned me to a table and put four or five big, thick portfolios in front of me.  I spent most of my Shock Stock experience perusing said folios and decided to pick four and leave it at that, otherwise I would never get out of there.  It wasn’t easy.

barnum la belle et la bete the raven underwater

These are the four I ended up taking home with me, but I could have bought more and these weren’t even necessarily the best, but there is something I really like about each of them.  I like all of the movies, but the first two are in French, which I love and I really like the border on The Raven poster.  The Phantom of the Opera one is actually kind of silly, but I like the lettering and the red cloak.  I think they will look nice with the Hunchback of Notre Dame one I already have, so now I have to go hunt down some frames.  The days are numbered for the few pieces of dollar store wall art I still have kicking around.

I bought a few other things as well, including a book by a new novelist, but I was most excited about the posters, this may turn into a thing with me.  The movie poster guy doesn’t have a website, oddly enough, but he gave me his email and told me to let him know what I’m looking for and he can get me the goods.  Sounds delightfully sinister, doesn’t it?



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