To Read

This is the Things to Read pile in my office:


It used to be confined to the wicker basket, many a year ago.  As you can see it has grown past those paltry boundaries and taken on a life force of its own.  I love the pile, at the same time I am perplexed and intimidated by it.  I love the possibilities it represents, all of the ideas in there, all of the information, stories, characters, just waiting to be consumed by me.  I am perplexed by its growing, tottering form, it’s deformed figure and tendency to topple.  There is no order to the pile.  There is fiction of every genre, nonfiction, history, magazines, self help, manuals, it is chaos.

I am intimidated by it, but I shouldn’t be.  Its growth is not frightening, nor is it a mystery.  It continues to grow because I keep acquiring material to throw on top of it, which I do without mercy.  The pile, in all of its hideous beauty will not thwart me.  I will not stop adding to it, I will simply get it a shelf if it comes to it.  I refuse to stop.  It may now come as no surprise to learn that I read a lot.  Sometimes more than others, but over all, quite a bit.  Many books are given to me by others and don’t even make it to this pile.  I read them right away and then they are shelved carefully in the living room on the wooden I Have Been Read shelves.

There is no doubt in my mind that all of the stuff in this pile will make it to those shelves.  Some of them have already been there, they are simply back in the pile for another round.  This is also the To Read Again pile.

For Christmas I got a hundred dollars worth of Chapters gift cards.  So far I have spent about half of that.  Today two of the books I ordered came in the mail, they are still on the kitchen counter.  One of them I will tuck under my arm and it will be my friend for the next little while until it makes it to the coveted shelves.  The other will grace the pile for now, but not forever.


About eemoxam

I work at the library and write stuff because books are cool. I like dogs.

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