Another New Year

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013 (Photo credit: Mark Kens)

So, another new year is upon us, what to say about it?  It’s funny how much importance we place on this switch from one day to the next.  Is there really anything important or different about January 1?  No, of course there isn’t, but if we think there is, then it might be so.

I love the end of year wrap ups, the lists, the best of’s and of course, the resolutions.  This change of date can inspire a lot of hope in people, that this year for some reason will be so much better than last year, so much different, so much more successful and inspiring than the last.  The cynic in me is a real eyeball roller about this kind of thing because the truth is that for most people 2013 will be pretty much the same as 2012 was.  Why?  Because most people don’t change very much and nothing in your life can change unless you change first.  That requires work.  Maybe 2013 will be an amazing year, but only if you make it so.

Now that I’ve vented about that for a minute, welcome 2013.  Just like all of the people I just harassed, I also hope that this year is good and inspiring and successful.  I even made some resolutions that I hope will help me make it so.  There are three of them:

1. Finish editing my manuscript and start submitting it. (The most important)

2. Cultivate patience in myself. (The hardest)

3. Banish doubt and be courageous.

If you’re a writer, I highly recommend giving this blog a read, it’s a good way to start the year off right.  I truly wish everyone a wonderful 2013.  If anyone made any resolutions they would like to share, I’d love to hear them.  I hope by declaring them I make myself a bit more accountable.


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I work at the library and write stuff because books are cool. I like dogs.

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